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to that incident. >>> latino immigrants hope governor brown would take a harder stance on immigration. the governor approved a bill that allows young immigrants with a work permit to get a driver's license. but legal experts say people with a work permit already qualify for a license. immigration advocates say they are disappointed that brown rejected two other bills for domestic worker rights and prevent deportation for minor crimes. president brown has signed the most bills than any previous governor. he has now signed a total of 12,744 bills. that includes his time as governor. ronald reagan 1,276 during their eight year tenures. >>> it's the first of three opportunities voters have to see president obama and romney face to face before the november election. ken pritchett tells us both campaigns are trying to manage expectations even before the candidates take the stage. >> reporter: if you listen to the romney campaign they're candidate has a tough road at the university of denver. >> president obama, he's a very gifted speaker. the man has been on the national stage for many years he's an exp
. campaign says a deeper look also shows an uptick in latinos and young people. >>> more than half of california schools met the state-wide academic achievement award. the score is calculated from different state standardized tests. the route says middle school students made the highest grades followed by high school and then elementary students. >>> just a day after a warning from firefighters it appears the fire starter has struck again in a garbage truck. this ises ninth fire in two -- is the ninth fire in two weeks. so far only trees and fences have been damaged but neighbors are concerned the fires could get worse. >> the next day i came, it was all burned. that was the first fire, all of that stuff burned. they clean that out, the dumpster was replaced and then another fire and then another one. >> yesterday morning firefighters went door to door handing out fliers about the arson, they are doing extra patrol. a small earthquake hit just off the coast of san francisco this morning, the magnitude 2.4 quake struck at 7:01 a.m. the usgs says it was centered west of the -- west o
for this to happen it's very unusual for the area. now this morning police are looking for a latino man that looks like this sketch. he's described in his mid 20s, 5'10" tall with a medium build and wearing dark clothing at the time. last tuesday a man was walking home on the stevens creek trail with his backpack in his hand when a suspect approached him from the back and tried to grab the back -- bag. there was a struck struggle and both men fell fell to the ground. the victim was able to get away and call 911. they are warning walkers to be aware of their surroundings. if you have any information about this incident, you are asked to call mountain view police. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time now 5:05. public safety concerns may force -- they accused the vice ultra lounge of violating its conditional use permit. serving alcohol outside of permit hours. the city also says since 2009, the police have responded to 30 fights and made dozens of arrests for public intoxication. now tomorrow night the walnut creek planning commission will review the permit. >>> new this m
occurred. let's take a closer look at the sketch of this man. he's described as a latino man in his mid-20s, 5'10" with medium to heavy build. he was wearing dark clothing and a dark baseball hat at the time of the attack. police say last tuesday he was approaching by another man. officers say there was a struggle and they both fell to the ground. the victim was able to get away, went home and called 911. most people we spoke to this morning didn't know about the attack. while some were alarmed, others say it won't prompt them to change their route. >> only if it becomes prevalent do i work about it. >> reporter: but you won't strange your route? >> no, not unless there's some stronger reason. >> reporter: even if there was a stronger robbery and -- strong robbery with no represents used, police say this is rare. they say robberies and april estimated robberies just -- and attempted robberies just don't happen in mountain view. right now, i'm getting together the statistics to show how rare these robberies are here. right now, you can see nobody is on the trail. we've seen many joggers and
week effort focused on improving the well being of the latino population. they used the opportunity to release key findings from its health assessment report, saying there are three areas that need work, improving newrision, reducing to-- nutrition, reducing tobacco and reducing violence. >> what we need to do -- >> the report shows that compared to other groups, they have longer life spans, lower cancer rates and neighbor amenities that make it easier to make healthy choices. it continues till october 14 with free work shops, discussions, health fairs and a soccer tournament. >>> two winning super lotto plus tickets were sold here. one was sold at ocean super market. they will split $28 million. the stores will each get 70,000 dollars. here are the winning numbers, 3, 4, 27, 30, 39, mega number of 3. winners have 180 days to claim their prize. >>> we are learning of a school bus accident. also news chopper 2 in the north bay where a grass fire was threatening structures and we are getting an update on the amtrak derailment. >> and pg&e wants to fire air canons underwater as part of
of the type of profanity, he believes it was a racially motivated brawl between english speaking latino and spanish speaking immigrants. police have not made any arrests in this assault. the brawl that happened here on 16th and valencia early this morning. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> police are still on the scene of an early morning fire in san carlos. it happened at 12:30 at a supply business on washington street. crews say it was hard to get to because it was so cluttered. nobody was injured. the fire and the cause is still under investigation. a nearby 24 hour fitness was evacuated as a precaution. >>> we are also getting new video of an overnight fire in bay view district. it happened at a home on shafter antigennings street. -- and jennings street. officials say an unattended scandal spok -- candle sparked that fire. >>> ktvu channel 2 morning news reporter alex savage joins us in alameda with more on what we are learning about the search today, alex? >> reporter: a pair of coast guard vessels are searching for that missing single engine plane with a 75-year-old
act. "we should not be seeing strong african-american and latino neighborhoods flipped into investror properties. it doesn't help families." in a statement, a bank spokesman said "we strongly deny nfha's allegations and stand behind our property maintenance and marketing practices. bank of america is committed to stabilizing and revitalizing communities that have been impacted by the economic downturn, foreclosures and property abandonment. we actively address the needs of such communities..." real estate brokers say the problem intensified when the housing bubble burst. the sheer number of foreclosures in minority neighborhoods has been hard to keep up with. "it's at the point when the owner leaves that it becomes vacant and trash gets dumped, people break in, steal copper." a bank of america spokesman turned down our request to elaborate on bank policy. he did point out that the group has held three news conferences on this subject in the last four weeks. hedge funds and other large investors continue to hunt for homes and apartment buildings. investment funds are taking advantage o
:00 in the evening. the man described the would-be robber as latino. ten inches tall with a medium build. >> i have the same fear every morning because it is dark. i fear someone will come out and attack me because you can't see where they are coming from. >> police say you need to be aware of your surroundings. if you are walking on that trail. >>> a former san jose police officer is suing the city said he suffered retaliation after telling his superiors about rampant time cards within the city. we are live in san jose with what the officer says others were doing while on the clock. >> reporter: like many of us san jose police have to fill out time cards to show the hours they work and now retired officer who was assigned here to the san jose airport is alleging time card fraud in the department is wide spread. 27 veteran filed this lawsuit this week in federal court. he alleges he was retaliated against labeled a snitch and eventually forced to retire. for reporting fellow officers charging for hours they did not work. >> the retaliation you do something you are a target. >> san jose police would
latino men. medium to heavy build. the second man is described as having a medium build, five feet-five inches tall. the men convinced the victim to hand over a large sum of money in order to secure a winning lottery ticket. >> two men have been detained in connection with the killing of ambassador chris stevens. graduated from uc berkeley in 82. the two were stopped at an airport on wednesday. turkish police haven't commented on the report. the september 11th attack killed stevens and three other americans. >>> in australia, hundreds of firefighters are battling massive brushfires. 40 fires have been reported as hot and windy conditions are spanning the flames. bracing themselves for one of the worst brushfire seasons in years. >> hundreds of people in liver pool, england marked the 50th anniversary of the beatles first big song. got to number 17 on the british music charts and puts the group on the map. hit in 1964. working on the song when they were teenagers. >> a global fashion retailer cut the ribbon today on first west coast store in san francisco. >> hundreds of fashion lov
as a president and has been unfriendly to hispanics and latinos and women want to make their own health care decisions and the republican party has in effect said to women, we know what is best for you and don't want you to make your own discussions and those are reegsreegs reasons the president will carry colorado. >> chris: you gave us a lot 0 chew on, let's start with the economy which everyone agrees is the number one concern for voters. senator johnson in wisconsin, let me put up numbers, the unemployment rate is nationally 7.8% and gdp growth in the third quarter rose from 1.3% in the second quarter to 2.0 and it is still a weak recovery but aren't the president's policies starting to turn things around? >> no, we have had incredibly tepid, meager recovery, and the fact that gdp rose 2%, all you can say is it is less bad news and what happened here in wisconsin, after the first debate, the very false character president obama spent hundreds of millions of dollars portraying governor romney was shattered and when wisconsin saw it, he was a man with integrity and intelligence and had a p
at november 8th instead of the 6th. the county addressed the problem yesterday with state latino leaders. the department will spend 30,000 printing new flyers and buying ads on spanish language tv and radio stations telling voters of the mistake. >> and i feel very badly that it was made. we have to do something to solve that. we have a few days left. >> officials say printing the wrong date waa mistake, not on purpose and an investigation into how it happened is underway. >> eight billboards in the atlanta area that offer voters a chance to win a gun are raising eyebrows. they say anyone who shows up at a outdoor store with a voting sticker will be put in a raffle but officials say that's illegal. >> everybody needs to talk and learn and be informed. >> the gun store owner who put up the billboards said he just wanted to get gun owners involved but after being contacted by election officials he said anyone who owns a gun can enter the contest regardless of if they voted. >> police in southern california have released the name of the suspect arrested in a deadly shooting spree. jad
this was a racially motivated fight between english-speaking latinos and spanish-speaking immigrants. officers told us no weapons were used. this was a fistfight involving anywhere from 20 to 30 people and police have not made any arrests in decks with this assault. >>> an early-morning fire is under investigation in san car lease t was first reported just after 12:0 at a restaurant supply store on washington street. christien kafton is more on the damage and why this was a hard fire to fight. >> they are still trying to figure out exactly how much damage was done here. the deputy chief from san carlos fire, just arrived here on the scene. if you can tell us why you are here. why it's so important to monitor the situation here. >> right now, based upon the amount of loading in the building with materials for the business, it would take us quite a while to overhaul. the investigation has slowed down to look at the cause. >> when you say loading, you are talking about the amount of items that were inside of this warehouse. that makes it tough to fight but it also provides areas where embers can hide and
be the growing much number of latinos who make up the voters. >> they are tough when it comes to border security. >> the of daughter. marco reason yo is recovering following an accident. he was notified about an accident yesterday while at a rally with the presidential candidate mitt romney. the family friend said she was a passenger in a golf cart that was involved in a crash in a private gated community. she was airlifted to the hospital with a head injury. >> she is doing better. she is talking. and the whole family is next to her. >> doctors say it appeared she suffered a concussion. she could be released from the hospital today. >> vice-president joe boyd depp and president and mitt romney gave the family a call expressing condolences. >>> they have been shooting at cars and injured a fan on the way to the world series. he was traveling from grand rapids to detroit to watch game three of the world series. the bullet went right through his car door. at least 24 similar shootings have been reported since october 16th. this is the first victim to be injured. >>> they gathered to say good-bye t
serging for a latino man between the ages of 13 and 20. this was all because of a large brawl that involved 20 people. >>> it's the fifth day in a row that fire has been exchanged over the border of turkey and syria and defense secretary leon panetta says it is something we need to be concerned about. the clashes could escalate and spread to neighboring countries. the u.s. is relaying its exchange in the hopes that conflict is not going to grow. five turkish civilians were killed from shelling on wednesday. >>> education and union supporters are joining forces to protect california families. >> it's about us having enough resources in order to have a nice good quality of life. >> the two groups held a rally yesterday. >> kids went to this school here. graduated with uc berkeley. if it had not been for funds of the state, the school would not be able to offer what it is. >> the rally also included opponents of proposition 32 which would severely restrict the amount of money unions can contribute to political campaigns. >>> opponents of -- berkeley plan an all day sidewalk demon
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14